Mining operations java mobile game


Mining operations  java mobile game

Mining operations  java mobile game%

Mining operations  java mobile game


Game Description Mining (ResourseCraft (Rescraft)):

This is a mobile game Minecraft clone for mobile phones java. The game is updated often and is a serious competitor to the existing analogue.
1 – “use”. Open Workbench / oven if the food in your hand – eat 1 unit of food.
2 – Jump. In edit mode, move the cursor up.
3 – inventory (in inventory: 2,4,6,8 – cursor control, and 5 – to take / put, 1 – to erase the cell; 0 – close the inventory; * – put the unit; # – take unit)
6 – go right. In edit mode, move the cursor to the right.
4 – go to the left. In edit mode, move the cursor to the left.
8 – In the editing mode to move the cursor down.
5 – to break the block in front of him. In editing mode, break the allocated block.
0 – switching between moving / editing.
7 – to establish a dedicated unit of the slot.
9 – to set a block of slots allocated to the background.
* – select a slot allocation rules.
# – select the left of the selected slot.



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